July 27, 2023 3:30 PM

Welcome Hornets Futsal Club

Chapel Hill, North Carolina (July 27, 2023) - United Futsal is excited to welcome Hornets Futsal Club to Season Three of the Champions Cup Series for the 2023-2024 season.
Welcome Hornets Futsal Club


United Futsal Welcomes Hornets Futsal Club to Season Three of the Champions Cup Series

Chapel Hill, North Carolina (July 27, 2023) - United Futsal is excited to welcome Hornets Futsal Club to Season Three of the Champions Cup Series for the 2023-2024 season. This inclusion marks a significant milestone for Hornets Futsal Club and promises an exciting journey of competition and growth.

Since its inception in England over 20 years ago, Hornets Futsal Club has remained committed to providing a dynamic training environment where players can learn, play, and grow within the sport of futsal. As a standalone futsal club, Hornets Futsal Club has consistently sought to lead with innovative training methods and players who strive for excellence both on and off the court. Their unwavering dedication to the club's original vision, "Earn your time on the field," has made Hornets Futsal Club a beacon of open opportunity for all players passionate about the game.

The coaching staff at Hornets, led by Mitchell Wilson, Scott Schmidler, Dan Galeana, and Steph Quintanilla, has played a pivotal role in nurturing young talent, and driving the club's rapid growth. Participating in every CCS event since the pandemic-induced hiatus, Hornets Futsal Club has shown great promise and development potential, making them an exciting addition to Season Three of the Champions Cup Series.

"Our goal for the Champions Cup Series is to win with the right principles and methodology. We want to compete and win the trophy while developing our players to play at the highest level possible and play beautiful futsal," says Mitchell Wilson, Head Coach of Hornets Futsal Club. “We decided to participate in the Champions Cup Series because it provides a platform to compete against the best teams and players in the country and world.”

To prepare for the upcoming season, Hornets Futsal Club employs a comprehensive training approach, encompassing technical and ball mastery training, as well as tactical preparation. The club's philosophy revolves around dynamic possession and a clear understanding of players' roles on the court, allowing them to control the game and dictate play. With a vision to develop players capable of performing at the highest possible level, joining the Champions Cup Series aligns seamlessly with Hornets Futsal Club's ambitions of competing against top-tier teams and players.

As they embark on their journey in Season Three, Hornets Futsal Club is eager to showcase their talent, dedication, and passion for the sport. With a vision to develop players capable of reaching the pinnacle of their potential, they embrace the opportunity to compete against the best in the world.

For more information on Hornets Futsal Club and their journey in the Champions Cup Series, please follow their progress on social media @hornetsfutsal.

*About Hornets Futsal Club*

Hornets Futsal Club, based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, is a premier Futsal club with a rich history spanning two decades. The club was originally founded in England with a singular purpose - to provide an accountable training environment driven by players for the players, fostering growth and excellence within soccer and Futsal. Committed to staying at the forefront of the sport, Hornets Futsal Club has continuously sought new and innovative methods of training, guided by a coaching staff that prioritizes inspiration and innovation.

*About United Futsal’s Champions Cup Series*

The Champions Cup Series, organized by United Futsal, is a premier global Futsal championship bringing together 32 clubs from around the US to compete for a chance to represent the US at the World Futsal Cup. It provides an unparalleled platform for youth development, fostering top-tier talent and exposing them to high-level competition. For more information, visit www.unitedfutsal.com.

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