October 18, 2023 3:30 PM

Welcome MÁS Futsal Club

Raleigh, North Carolina (October 18, 2023) - MÁS Futsal Club, a dynamic and ambitious futsal organization based in North Carolina, has officially joined the upcoming season of the Champions Cup Series for 2023-2024.
Welcome MÁS Futsal Club


MÁS Futsal Club Joins Season Three of United Futsal’s Champions Cup Series

Raleigh, North Carolina (October 18, 2023) - MÁS Futsal Club, a dynamic and ambitious futsal organization based in North Carolina, has officially joined the upcoming season of the Champions Cup Series for 2023-2024.

Founded in 2021, MÁS Futsal’s journey into the world of futsal has been closely intertwined with United Futsal, as the club has participated in the organization’s tournaments since its inception, and has had tremendous success. Within its short lifetime, the club has already secured a National Championship and two World Futsal Championships in Division One and Division Two, a very impressive feat. However, MÁS Futsal’s achievements cannot be celebrated without the mention of their distinguished coaching staff. The club is led by Nazmi Albadawi-Albadawi, a native of Raleigh and a former professional futsal player for North Carolina FC and the Palestinian National Team. Joining him is Daniel Sellitti, a prominent coach at North Carolina FC and Sporting Director of the Puerto Rico Football Federation, as well as Dario Brose, who represented the United States in the 1992 Olympics, and Luis Paiva, a renowned coach with extensive experience and training in futsal.

In the eyes of MÁS Futsal, the impact of futsal on youth development cannot be overstated, as they firmly believe that the game provides athletes with a platform to showcase their talents, both nationally and internationally. The Champions Cup Series plays a pivotal role in facilitating this by offering the perfect stage for young talents to shine.

"Our goal with United Futsal is to help close the gap between our club and the clubs that have extensive history, and make sure that our students have the best playing opportunities possible” said Kiyosi Isihara, Club Director for MÁS Futsal. “Access to these challenges can only help them grow as individuals and athletes.”

In preparing for the upcoming season, MÁS Futsal has left no stone unturned. The club has been diligently preparing by dedicating their free time to rigorous training, and organizing weekly practice scrimmages that focus on improving players' skills, understanding, and decision-making, all of which align seamlessly with the Champions Cup Series' objectives.

MÁS Futsal’s decision to join the Champions Cup Series is grounded in their eagerness to play in new and unique facilities, learn different playing styles from clubs across the country, and have access to player development camps like National Training Camp and FUTURES. The club sees their partnership with United Futsal as an invaluable opportunity to expose their students to diverse coaching and playing styles, which in turn helps to foster extensive growth and development.

MÁS Futsal’s participation promises to be an exciting addition to the 2023-2024 Champions Cup Series, and United Futsal eagerly anticipates the tough competition that they will undoubtedly bring to the upcoming season.

For more information on MÁS Futsal Club and their journey through the upcoming season of the Champions Cup Series, please visit their website at https://www.masfutsal.org/ or follow them on social media via @masfutsalnc.

*About MÁS Futsal Club*

MÁS Futsal Club, based in Raleigh, North Carolina, is a rising force in the world of futsal. Established just two years ago, this dynamic club has already achieved remarkable success. Committed to nurturing young talent and fostering the growth of futsal and soccer players, MÁS Futsal Club is known for its intense training sessions that focus on enhancing players' skills, understanding, and decision-making.

*About United Futsal’s Champions Cup Series*

The Champions Cup Series, organized by United Futsal, is a premier global Futsal championship bringing together 32 clubs from around the US to compete for a chance to represent the US at the World Futsal Cup. It provides an unparalleled platform for youth development, fostering top-tier talent and exposing them to high-level competition. For more information, visit www.unitedfutsal.com.

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