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Welcome Ballers Elite

Welcome Ballers Elite

United Futsal Welcomes Ballers Elite To The Champions Cup Series

September 15, 2021 at 4:30:00 PM

Ballers Elite plans to make an impact in the 2021-2022 Champions Cup Series Western Conference.

Tucson, AZ - Ballers Elite was founded in 2018 with the mission to help youth players build and develop confidence, strength, and skill on and off the field. Serving the Tucson area, Ballers Elite is an organization that helps players to develop precise ball control and technical skill, agility, lightning reflexes and decision making through the game of futsal.

Fabian Vega, President of Ballers Elite, and Amber Adil, Business Manager of Ballers Elite, are both deeply involved with the youth in their community. They are looking at the bigger picture. Adil says, “What you learn on the field and court will set you up to be a successful person your whole life. The players from Ballers Elite represent something that is more than a sport. They are admired and positively impact the community.” The club is focused on doing what they need to do to bring this sport to the area for kids to learn life lessons - making it accessible for everyone in the area. Being a part of Ballers Elite is another opportunity for kids in the community to have a positive outlet.

Vega himself grew up around the game, where his own skills and talent were taken to the next level. “Futsal is so fast. You are always thinking about what you have to do on and off the ball, when is it time to defend and when is it time to attack. You can’t hide your weaknesses in futsal because there is nowhere to hide. It is a game of being quick at everything because it is always moving, and all that you do can be applied to the outdoor game.” Adil adds her perspective from a parent's side, “The kids are learning to move in tight spaces at a much quicker pace which makes skills on the ball much better. In outdoor, it is mostly tactical. Futsal is more technical. Futsal is providing the technical skills the kids are lacking.”

What stands out the most about Ballers Elite is Vega’s approach to coaching. He wants the players to truly have a commitment to get better and play at the next level. Vega is helping players develop a sense of confidence in themselves, as well as discipline. Lessons that the players learn from futsal and on the court will help them be successful individuals in their lives. Vega says, “You have to be confident in ANYTHING you decide to do in your life - what you believe is what you manifest.” 

Ballers Elite stands for BE: BE strong, BE confident. The reasoning is so the players can be empowered by their everyday life. “Skill matters, it is great, but it is more mental than it is anything else. If you believe in yourself, if you're strong mentally, then you will be able to do unbelievable things,” Vega states. “I want to know players individually to find out how I can provide that sense of confidence.”

Adil and Vega did not want to pass up the opportunity to be a part of the Champions Cup Series because they want their players to play against the best. CCS is the avenue they were looking for to play at the highest level against the most advanced players in the world. President of United Futsal, Rob Andrews, adds, “We are excited to add Ballers Elite to an already talent-rich Western Conference for the 2022 Season. There is no one better than Fabian and Amber to bring this opportunity to the top players in Arizona.”

Full details on the Champions Cup Series™ competition calendar, program details and information for clubs wishing to apply for membership are now available at


BALLERS ELITE is not only developing great players, but also great people. The club takes pride in providing the best training possible, offering camps, group and individual training, a year round futsal academy, and futsal tournaments. More information on how to get involved with the CCS™ club can be found at


UNITED FUTSAL is the industry leader in providing the highest level tournaments and events for youth and amateur futsal players in the world. Since 2010, over 100,000 athletes, coaches, fans and referees representing 25 countries have participated in its World Futsal Cup, World Futsal Championships and FUTURES™ programs and precursory events. For more information visit

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