May 9, 2024 5:38 PM

"Futsal is Essential for kids"

Lionel Scaloni, the World Cup-winning coach with the Argentine National Team, emphasized the importance of futsal and highlighted its essential role in shaping professional players.
"Futsal is Essential for kids"

Few voices hold as much authority in football as Lionel Scaloni's. And it's not just because of his recent triumph in Qatar during the last World Cup. It's more about the perspective of the coach hailing from Pujato, who oversees talent in one of the richest footballing nations.

Ahead of the recent UEFA Futsal Champions League showdown, the Argentine coach addressed the significance of futsal: "It's a spectacular sport, directly linked to 11-a-side football, although it may not seem so" he explained.

Scaloni, currently residing in Mallorca, attended at the tournament not only as a fan to support the local Palma club but also "to analyze and draw my own conclusions, which has been very interesting".

Regarding the pivotal role of futsal in fostering top-notch footballers, Scaloni remarked: "Futsal is fundamental for a child. If I were 4, 5, or 6 years old today, I would start with futsal. It's indispensable for technique for kids to get used to touching the ball many times. I believe everyone should follow that example and combine both (football and futsal)”. He added: "Surely, we'd see better players with more technique who understand the game much better".

How does Scaloni propose integrating futsal into 11-a-side football?: "We've drawn many conclusions. In fact, football increasingly employs tactics like generating numerical superiority with the goalkeeper, similar to what's done in futsal, and playing one vs. one”.

Like many teams, the Argentine National Football Team clinched their third star with talents that started in futsal: "Several players began in this sport. Especially midfielders, who are players that handle the ball a lot, started in the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires”.

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