Futsal can be best described as a smaller version of soccer, played on a basketball-sized court with only five players per team.

The creators of futsal had a solo objective when the sport was created: more accessible spaces to practice soccer. The decision was made to reduce the number of players per team to 5 (4 field players and 1 goalkeeper). An official futsal ball is also smaller and heavier than a standard soccer ball.

These are the key points that differentiate futsal from soccer:

- Played indoors or outdoors;
- Played in a reduced-sized court;
- Played with reduced number of players (4 court players + 1 goalkeeper);
- Played with reduced-sized goals;
- Played with a specific ball, which is smaller and bounces less than the regular soccer ball;
- Players will get more touches on the ball;
- Players act at high speed and have many opportunities to finish at the goal;
- Played with specific rules that make the game fast, non-violent and dynamic;
- Played in two periods;

- Allows unlimited number of substitutions;
- There is no off-side.