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United Futsal Update on 2020 World Futsal Championships

RALEIGH, NC - Over the past months, we’ve been touched by the support and contacts from futsal partners around the world hoping the return to “normal” for their clubs, teams and players could begin with a trip to compete in the World Futsal Championships. While you don’t know how much it meant for each of you who reached out, for our staff and board members it was a much needed lift during a very difficult time. So thank you, all of you.

We want to give the futsal world an event it so desperately needs right now, but have been unwilling to go forward until we were assured by our Disney Sports and AAU partners that we would be able to to do so in accordance with CDC, state and local guidelines while still allowing us to provide a world-class competitive environment for top futsal clubs and teams.

To this end, I am thrilled to announce that today we are finally ready to announce the basics of the plan we have been working on for the better part of 90 days have been approved and we are ready to get started planning the most important World Futsal Championships we have ever run.

Below are the basics of 4 “AREAS OF IMPACT” that will be addressed prior to and during our event. Our detailed COVID -19 Plan for executing this event will be made available soon.


  • Our proprietary software registration and management system “The Vault™” will be used exclusively to register teams this year.
  • All players, coaches, managers and anyone else on the technical staff must register through The Vault™ in order to be eligible to play.
  • This process will replace the previous “registration table” and provide all tournament competitors a safer, smoother experience in registration.
  • LOEs for supporters will also be dispersed in a “contactless” manner.


  • We will be lengthening the event by 1 day to allow us to space games out in a way that will reduce the total traffic in the buildings at a given time.
  • We will also be staggering game times to ensure only 50% of the occupants of each building are arriving or leaving at the same time.
  • In order to achieve these goals, we will unfortunately need to limit the quantity of teams we can accept this year.
  • While we prefer a more holistic approach to acceptance, for 2020 we will be accepting eligible teams on a first-come first-served basis until there are no spaces remaining.


  • There will be a designated path for entry and exit to ensure a smooth and steady flow of people in and out of the venues each day. All participants and spectators must leave the premises completely after their matches to reduce the person count inside the venues.
  • All participants and spectators as well as Disney, AAU and United Futsal staff who enter must submit to a temperature check upon each entry. If their temperature falls outside the acceptable range of 100.4 degrees fahrenheit they will not be allowed to enter.
  • Once inside there will be social distancing markers for all supporters to cheer without comprising the distance between other supporters.
  • All supporters and public entering the venue to watch the matches will be required to wear masks.


  • We will be performing a ball and equipment cleaning after each match, daily court cleanings.
  • Players on the bench will NOT be given United Futsal scrimmage vests to wear but rather need to provide their own.
  • Hand Sanitizer will be available at the scorers table of all courts for teams to use during matches and teams will not be allowed to participate in handshake lines before or after games.
  • There will be no communal water bottles and all players and coaches will be recommended to bring their own bottles.

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