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Ginga Futsal Cincinnati joins United Futsal Champions Cup Series (CCS)

Cincinnati, Ohio – United Futsal is excited to announce Ginga Futsal Cincinnati as an expansion club for the 2021 Champions Cup Series (CCS). As a CCS member, the Cincinnati club provides its 250 players an opportunity to develop in a professional environment that instills passion for the sport. 

Cincinnati’s top futsal players will compete in the East Region against the world’s best.

Ginga Futsal Cincinnati officially announced the acceptance today. 

"United Futsal provides a pathway to the highest level of competition," said Jon Caldwell, Ginga Futsal Cincinnati Co-Founder. "Hopefully, a lot more clubs jump on board the Champions Cup Series. I believe that it is going to get more popular and grow even more. United Futsal has put something together that is very special and can unite the world of futsal." 

In 2010, Ginga Futsal Cincinnati was founded by Caldwell and Derek Smith. The long-time friends who both played professionally in the United Soccer League (USL) were motivated to develop better soccer players in the United States. 

Ginga Futsal Cincinnati started by offering a skills program as well as free street soccer in the region. In 2012, the club’s futsal program was established in order to meet the needs of its players that progressed. The club now consists of 250 players, with some traveling over an hour to participate.

Misconception of Futsal

There are numerous hurdles that stall the growth of futsal in the United States. A common perception for those unfamiliar with the sport is that it excessively emphasizes skills instead of tactical awareness. Caldwell specifically cites misunderstanding as a factor that has limited the growth of futsal in the Cincinnati region. 

"The cultural background and biases of parents and clubs have limited progress," said Caldwell. "Coaches and clubs are often  intimidated by futsal and therefore discourage players to participate because of limited knowledge. They view futsal as a sport with just megs and skills. I think that’s why futsal has a tough time."

As a member of the Champions Cup Series (CCS), Ginga Futsal Cincinnati directly addresses this issue by developing its program into a credible advocate of the sport. 

Professionalism Drives Passion

For athletes, being immersed in the raw culture of a sport can validate and embolden your passion. Caldwell considers the professional tournament organization at United Futsal events to be a valuable experience that is not regularly available. 

"Participating at Disney [World Futsal Championships] feels very real and professional," said Caldwell. "United Futsal does a good job of making it a cool experience with top-notch professionalism."

Moreover, the Champions Cup Series (CCS) will provide additional opportunities for Ginga Futsal Cincinnati to participate in an environment that is hard to replicate. United Futsal will expose youth futsal players from Cincinnati to passion and intensity that is beneficial for future development.

"The professionalism of United Futsal events prepares players for the future," said Caldwell. "The younger ages get exposed to the passion of futsal - the loudness, intensity and emotions of the game. It helps build character. It prepares young kids to be professionals in the future. We want our kids to experience how passion drives you and your development."

United Futsal welcomes Ginga Futsal Cincinnati to the Champions Cup Series (CCS). The long-established club brings experience and commitment from its founders to the youth futsal tournament series. 

Rob Andrews, President of United Futsal, added, "Ginga Futsal Cincinnati has been on the futsal scene for many years. The club has developed elite futsal players that compete at our Disney tournament. We are excited to see how the club matches up against the world's best!"

The club will feature 4 boys and 4 girls futsal teams in bi-annual age divisions for the Champions Cup Series. Each team will compete in 3 official tournaments each year: Regional Championships each Winter and the National Championships and World Futsal Championships each Summer. 

Information on how players can apply to join one of the Ginga Futsal Cincinnati teams is available at https://www.schoolofginga.com/.

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