Update: United Futsal 2020 Summer Events

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Location Updates & COVID-19 Protocols

Orlando, Florida - With our 2020 summer futsal events approaching, United Futsal would like to address the questions and concerns that remain.

In particular, the information provided below outlines the new locations of National Training Camp and the World Futsal Championships as well as the COVID-19 safety protocols to be implemented this summer. 

Are the events still happening?

Yes! We continue to plan for the 2020 National Training Camp as well as the World Futsal Championships. Although adjustments will be made to ensure public health safety, the two youth futsal events remain scheduled in July 2020. 

We want to give the futsal world an event it so desperately needs right now. AAU and the tournament facilities have assured that we can host an event in accordance with CDC, state and local guidelines while still allowing us to provide a world-class, competitive environment for elite youth futsal clubs and teams. 

Where will the events take place?

United Futsal’s 2020 summer events will not be held at ESPN Wide World of Sports due to COVID-19 restrictions and the need to implement appropriate safety measures. The summer event locations are provided below. 

  • National Training Camp (July 21-23, 2020): Gamepoint Event Center - 6700 Kinsgpointe Pkwy Orlando, FL 32819.
  • World Futsal Championships (July 25-29, 2020): Orange County Convention Center - 9800 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819.

What are the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) safety protocols?

In addition to the protocols outlined below, there will be 30-minute gaps between matches. This decision was made to ensure our safety guidelines are sufficiently implemented as well as to limit the amount of people in the facility. Lastly, each match will have a limit of 15 supporters per team. 

To be clear, the measures enforced by United Futsal are to ensure public health safety. The health of our futsal community comes first.

Our COVID-19 protocols are outlined below and will be further revised to comply with any additional safety requirements should local authorities impose the same between now and the events. 

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