Top12 Experience Kicks Off in Blanes, Spain

Top12 Experience

International Players Arrive in Spain for Top12 Experience

Blanes, Spain - The sixth edition of the Top12 Experience hosted by United Futsal kicked off on Sunday in Blanes, Spain. The annual youth futsal player experience welcomed 250 players from five different countries (Australia, Brazil, England, Spain and the United States) for a week of training and competition at Ciutat Esportiva Blanes.

In our first Top12 coverage, United Futsal highlights the expectations and preparations of the youth futsal players in attendance.

Top12 Preparation & Development

The Top12 Experience attracts elite youth futsal players that are vigorously committed to development. Prior to arrival, participants increased their time on the court in order to be prepared for the expectations at Top12.

“I’ve been training multiple times a week at game speed along with playing several tournaments in the last month,” said Brady Cochrane, STL Futsal & USA player.
“In order to prepare for Top12, I have been training with the older groups of boys at my club,” said Marley Baker-Burton, Braintree Futsal & England player.

For aspiring players, prior experience is leaned on until they reach their full stride. The Top12 Experience is an opportunity to expand current futsal knowledge that they have been taught back home.

“I hope to build on what I’ve learned playing with STL Futsal,” said Cochrane. “I'm excited to take in as much as I can from all of the great players that I’ll be playing with from around the world.”

Global Experience at Top12

As stated, the 2020 Top12 Experience brings five countries together for a week of training and competition. For the players in attendance, the opportunity to learn from international coaches and compete against opponents from abroad is a major highlight.

“Getting to see tactics and strategies from different countries will help shape my thoughts on different ways to approach game-time decisions,” said Cochrane.
“During Top12, I will learn from different players and coaches and apply it to my own game,” said Baker-Burton.

Although Top12 is focused on player development, the program is also an opportunity for participants to personally connect with others from around that world.

“I want to make friends and experience different cultures that love futsal as much as I do,” said Maxim Ali, City Futsal & USA player. “This year we were invited to play in Miami just because we met and got noticed by one of the coaches in the Top12 competition.”

Coaching Education

The Top12 Experience also includes a coaching education program led by FC Barcelona Futsal B Head Coach Xavi Closas. The coaches participating in the program will gain valuable insights from Closas, which can alter their understanding of the game.

“I’m super excited to learn from some of the best,” said Joel Cochrane, STL Futsal & USA coach. “Getting time daily with Xavi, who I consider one of the best coaches in the world, will certainly reshape the way I think about and coach in different situations.

In addition, working with a professional coaching staff is an opportunity to adjust how participants develop and inspire players.

“I believe thinking, approaching, and learning futsal from career professionals will help build my confidence for player development,” said Kanish Ali. “I want to learn how to effectively communicate technical expertise to young players. I also want to learn how to transfer the love of the game to players as well.”

The United Futsal staff has worked tirelessly to organize the best edition in the program’s history. We strive to organize an event that expands the global futsal network and helps the game reach its highest potential.

“Top12 brings many different nationalities together and the exchange of ideas, which is important for the growth of the sport,” said Ali.
“Events like the Top12 Experience create additional pathways for players to train and play with as well as against the very best,” said Cochrane. “It motivates players to drive towards something that can be a super impactful experience for their development.”

United Futsal is thankful for everyone that makes the 2020 Top12 Experience possible. Stay tuned on social media for more coverage.

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