Standout American Futsal Players Gear Up for NTC

National Training Camp

National Training Camp Kicks Off

With international opportunities now available for youth futsal players, hosting a top-tier training event in the United States is essential for developing the sport on a national level. To further define a player pathway, United Futsal organized an elite youth futsal training program for standout American players that strive to reach international competition. 

In our second preview of the 2020 National Training Camp (NTC), United Futsal highlights player preparations and expectations.

Player Preparation during Quarantine

On Tuesday, July 21, standout American youth futsal players from across the country arrived in Orlando, Florida, for the inaugural United Futsal National Training Camp. The two-day training program led by five Brazilian coaches will share valuable futsal insight to the next generation of athletes that are committed to development. 

As athletes, the ability to adjust to current circumstances is essential. Although daily lives have changed due to quarantine, the resilient youth futsal players that are attending NTC did not view this period as a time to pump the brakes. For some, little changed in regard to their training schedule. 

"There were no changes to my training schedule at all," said Christian McCauley. "I tried to keep my same routines and practices - to focus on the positives."

For others that were forced to adjust, this period opened the door for self-reflection on and off the courts. 

"A valuable lesson I have learned during quarantine is that small breaks between your schoolwork, drills or workout reps are extremely important," said Mikey Cortellessa Jr. "If you don’t take at least a small break between something, you will not do the task to the best of your ability. The other valuable lesson I learned was that you need to stay focused despite obstacles. Stress and complaining get in the way of doing a task well."
"Over the past few months, I learned that sitting down all day and telling yourself that you will go outside and stay active won’t actually make you do it," said Kyle Marsan. "You need the proper mindset and drive."

Skill Evaluation at NTC

As mentioned above and in the coach's preview, training camps differ from tournament play by emphasizing personal reflection. Players are able to evaluate the areas they excel at but also those they need to improve. 

"At NTC, I want to learn what I am good and bad at," said Mikey Cortellessa Jr. "I will see what I can work on and how it can make me a better player. I also hope to see where I am at compared to other players. Lastly, I want to know what I am working towards. I want to have a defined goal."

Moreover, National Training Camp is an opportunity to learn from an experienced coaching staff and other talented participants in attendance. Observing other players and assessing one’s own skills through peer and self-evaluation will be an underlying takeaway from the event. The players in attendance acknowledge the value of being motivated by their peers and the benefit it can have on their overall development.

"Training with elite players will help me improve because they will force me to get to their level," said Isabel Kingsbury. "I will have to push myself even harder. It will help me play harder, faster, and stronger."
"I think going against some of the best 2010s across the country will push me to the next level," said Stephanie Culbertson. "NTC can help me become the best I can be. It will also let me believe in the best I can be.”

United Futsal is excited to host a group of players that are devoted to athletic performance. Despite the current circumstances, their focus has remained on personal development as not only athletes but individuals as well. 

We look forward to seeing how they progress over the next couple of days. Stay tuned for NTC updates on our social media accounts!

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