Regional Diploma 1 Recap: Overview & Course Structure

Champions Cup Series

United Futsal University Kicks Off in Orlando

Orlando, Florida - One day prior to 2021 Champions Cup Series (CCS) East Regionals, coaches from seven different clubs attended the inaugural Regional Diploma 1 practical session of United Futsal University. The commencement of United Futsal’s coaches pathway was praised with gratification by CCS clubs that gained in-depth knowledge to improve their programs.

For our Regional Diploma 1 recap, coverage will be a three-part series. To begin, United Futsal provides an overview of the course.

Regional Diploma 1 Concepts

United Futsal University courses are developed and instructed by a team of Brazilian futsal experts. The United Futsal University staff consists of Dr. Wilton Santana, Bárbara Bepler, Felippe Távora and Dr. Juliana Meireles. 

On Friday, January 8th, the United Futsal University Regional Diploma 1 course hosted 25 coaches affiliated with Champions Cup Series (CCS) clubs. In addition to the online Foundation Diploma, the Regional Diploma was free for CCS-affiliated coaches. The 10-hour Regional Diploma 1 course addressed the following topics: 

  • The Futsal Game and its Training 
  • Futsal Technique and its Training
  • Futsal Tactics and its Training
  • Introduction to Offensive Systems
  • Introduction to Defensive Systems 

As stated, the Regional Diploma 1 recap will be a three-part series. The next recaps will provide in-depth coverage of the benefits and takeaways of the course. For this recap, a general overview of the course is outlined. The Regional Diploma 1 course opened with the evolution of the game and training organization. Next, methodological examples of how to develop techniques and tactics were addressed. Lastly, the benefits as well as drawbacks of defensive and offensive systems were reviewed.

The recurring theme of the day was how to effectively teach the game of futsal. In other words, due to futsal being unique with contrasting concepts to soccer, direction for coaching youth players in this particular sport was the emphasis. 

As stated above, the Regional Diploma 1 course was 10 hours with five topics reviewed. Despite a long day, the in-depth discussion of each concept was well received by those seeking comprehensive knowledge about the game. 

"I was happy to sit and learn all about the advantages and disadvantages of every aspect of the game," said Philip Haynes, Yellowcap FC coach.

Online & Practical Session

Regional Diploma 1 consisted of an online introduction, Foundation Diploma 1, prior to the on-court practical session held in Orlando. The web-based section of the course provided a theoretical framework for the concepts demonstrated on the courts. 

"Having the foundation of the knowledge base was good," said Haynes. "What made it more real was when I came to class, and they put the kids and adults on the field together."
"Having both is very important because they go hand in hand," said Derek Smith, School of Ginga coach. "To understand the practical session, you needed the foundational online course to comprehend what was taught."

As stated above, the online session of the course allowed for coaches to gain comprehensive knowledge. Coaches were able to review the concepts until adequately prepared for the on-court session. 

"For me, I am not the biggest online learner," said Mitchell Wilson, High Soccer Prospects coach. "I learn better with in-person, face-to-face interactions. That’s why it’s definitely good to get both. The online section is good because it allows you to learn at your own pace. You can study it as many times as you need."

United Futsal University provides youth futsal coaches with innovative tools to progress their training and programs. The online theoretical session allowed those in attendance to get the most out of the on-court practical session.

United Futsal University is grateful for the coaches that attended the inaugural Regional Diploma 1 session. During a time with hybrid learning as the norm, developing a curriculum for coaches to thrive was essential. The time and energy that was taken to learn the valuable insight shared did not go unrecognized by our staff. 

In the next recap of Regional Diploma 1, the importance of futsal-specific coaching courses will be discussed. 

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