NTC Coaches Discuss Program Benefits

National Training Camp

National Training Camp Prepares to Kick Off in Orlando

With international opportunities now available for youth futsal players, hosting a top-tier training event in the United States is essential for developing the sport on a national level. To further define a player pathway, United Futsal organized an elite youth futsal training program for standout American players that strive to reach international competition. 

In our first preview of the 2020 National Training Camp (NTC), United Futsal highlights the program's coaches.

NTC Coaches Outline Program Benefits

The inaugural United Futsal National Training Camp (NTC) will welcome American youth futsal players for a two-day program hosted at the GamePoint Events Center in Orlando, Florida. Led by five Brazilian coaches, NTC will provide valuable insight to the next generation of futsal players that hope to enter a pathway to the highest level. 

“The players will work with world-class professionals that have knowledge and experience,” said NTC coach Paulo Vitor. “It will be amazing to share those experiences with the best players in each age category. The level will be extremely high and the development, both professional and personal, will be huge for each kid.”

The selected NTC coaches (Paulo Vitor, Guillerme Dos Santos, Bruno Conteville, Maycon França and Lucas Teixeira) have futsal-specific playing and coaching experience from their home country. They currently live in the United States and are active members of the futsal and soccer community. In recent years, several of the coaches have competed in the Major Arena Soccer League (MASL). In addition to their current playing background, they also coach at the youth level in the United States. 

Skill Evaluation at NTC

Training programs differ from tournaments by focusing specifically on skill development in a collective setting. Although individual competition is still present, developing and learning alongside other talented players is a primary benefit of programs like NTC. In particular, NTC is an opportunity for athletes to have their skill level evaluated by coaches as well as through self-reflection.

“Programs like NTC are important for growing your game in all aspects,” said NTC coach Guillerme Dos Santos. “On the personal side, you should always spend time practicing with other people. You increase your playing level by observing, learning and listening to other players and coaches at camp.”

The NTC coaches endorse the idea of collective development. The players in attendance will learn alongside one other in order to reach the next level of international competition. 

Influence of Coaches on Player Development

As athletes, it is important to take advantage of the opportunity to interact and develop relationships with experienced coaches. An influential instructor not only provides specific directions on the court but also motivates players to reach the level they desire. For NTC coach Maycon França, quality relationships with coaches helped him develop into the player he has become. 

“One important thing has always been my positive relationships with coaches,” said França. “I made it a priority to develop good relationships with my coaches, and in turn, they helped me develop and grow as a player. As a result of their positive influences, I have developed a winning mentality where I am disciplined, respectful, hardworking and will always do whatever I can for the ultimate team performance and result.”

Furthermore, the selected NTC coaches are fully dedicated to the development of players on the court and on the personal side. In addition to NTC providing extensive futsal-specific insight, the program will be an opportunity for the youth players to progress as individuals. NTC coach Bruno Conteville recalls a personal coaching experience that shaped his understanding of the game as well as his personal life. 

“I had one player that wanted to stop playing because he didn’t have confidence in his skills and was unmotivated to play for his coach,” said Conteville. “I had a conversation with him, and I changed his mind. He then had success and won the first gold medal for Brazil at the Youth Olympics. This experience taught me to never give up on your dreams. Futsal can positively affect your confidence and influence your everyday life."

Conteville and the other coaches will bring this same approach to NTC in order for players to truly benefit from this experience.

Stay tuned for another NTC preview that will focus on player preparations and expectations.

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