National Training Camp: Overview of the Game

National Training Camp

National Training Camp Recap

In recent weeks, the inaugural United Futsal National Training Camp was held in Orlando, Florida. The two-day training program was led by five Brazilian coaches that are current members of the youth futsal and Major Arena Soccer League (MASL) communities. The youth futsal players in attendance competed in multiple training sessions that addressed the fundamentals of the game. 

In our recap of the 2020 National Training Camp (NTC), United Futsal provides an overview of the training camp as well as player responses.

Training Schedule Overview

National Training Camp consisted of five intense training sessions that gradually built up to match play action. The opening day emphasized fundamentals of the game, such as maintaining possession and breaking down the defense by playing the ball forward. 

"On day one, we learned about possession and building from the back," said NTC coach Lucas Teixiera. "It’s really important to know your surroundings, to take care of the ball and to pass quickly. You need to be sharp all the time."
"Day one focused on how to maintain possession using triangles and how to break defensive lines with passes straight to the pivo," said NTC coach Bruno Conteville.

The second day of National Training Camp concluded with concepts from the initial sessions leading to match play situations. Transitioning from defense to offense and vice versa, which is a fundamental component of futsal, was the emphasis of the final training sessions.

"The first day worked on possession concepts and breaking lines and pressure," said Conteville. "After that, it’s easy to understand how to transition using all the concepts learned."

Furthermore, National Training Camp provided a full overview of futsal fundamentals and addressed how they merge together. The players in attendance acknowledged that the lessons learned during the opening sessions contributed to their overall understanding of match play concepts, such as transitioning and reading the game.  

"We started in the back and worked our way up. Everything entangled into the whole game," said 14-year-old DeShaun Mitchell. "The end result was everything put together. We had to integrate everything." 
"I have learned a lot of important parts of futsal," said 12-year-old Bianca Raskin, NTC Ambassador Award winner. "Especially transitioning. Parts of the game where you have to use your mind and the technical work."

Coachable Players

For all players, recommendations come from coaches, parents and teammates. Aspiring athletes are eager to develop at the highest rate, which requires considering all advice given. In addition to skill level praised, the NTC coaches acknowledged the players being coachable with the motivation to learn. 

"The NTC players are at a good, high level," said NTC coach Paulo Vitor. "They are also very coachable. They learn a lot by listening and are actively looking to get better. I am really proud of the players. I wish I had more time to work with them on the little details."
Jamie Waters (Director of Player Development)

Lastly, as all United Futsal events, National Training Camp was demanding of the players in attendance. At times, Leo Meireles, United Futsal Technical Director, and Jamie Waters, Director of Player Development, stepped in to keep the training atmosphere at a high level. The NTC players responded with focus and the consumption of the many tools offered during the two days of training.

United Futsal would like to thank all the players that put in their time and effort at the inaugural National Training Camp. We hope that you all gained many lessons and will implement them the next time you are on the courts.

We look forward to seeing our futsal community in the future! Stay home, stay safe and enjoy the time with your families.

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