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Although a quick celebration is captured on the closing ceremony stage, lifting the 2019 World Futsal Championships trophy came with overlooked commitment and sacrifice. Prior to the tournament, long hours in the gym, on the court and for recovery were crucial. During the competition, tactical adjustments were made based on an opponent’s experience and style of play. Following the World Futsal Championships, performance is now analyzed in order to prepare for future development. 

In our latest post-tournament coverage, United Futsal discusses the expectations and tournament preparations of those in attendance at the 2019 World Futsal Championships.

International Quality Expected at 2019 WFC

The World Futsal Championships is recognized as one of the most prestigious youth futsal tournaments in the world. For the past nine years, global talent has traveled to Orlando eager to compete against the highest level. It was no different in 2019. Once again, coaches, parents and players anticipated a level of competition that they were not accustomed to. For some, matchups against international teams exposed their players to different training systems and experience levels. 

“The World Futsal Championships was the best experience not only in terms of futsal but soccer. You played different games against teams from all over the world or country. So there were different experiences - different types of structures and systems. It’s always challenging to learn and progress on the court.”
- Kyle Wilson, SignNow Sports head coach.
“The competition level was extremely high. It gave a lot of children a chance to compete against players from within and outside the United States. Basically, it showed a lot of kids that there is great talent out there. Even a lot better than what they are used to practicing against, which I think makes the kids have to work harder.”
- Paul Busino, Georgia Elite Futsal parent.

Tournament Preparation

For clubs that returned to Orlando, intense preparation on and off the court was the mentality ahead of the tournament. This focus was even more emphasized for teams that defended titles in 2019. Joga Bonito Futsal Academy from Miami, Florida, won three titles in 2018 and returned with sights set on more titles. Guga Alencar, Joga Bonito Futsal Academy Director of Coaching, acknowledged the club’s expectations and commitment to training excellence.

“This year’s preparation was even harder. We wanted to keep the level up and see how much farther we can go. Our players had different shoes to fill. People wanted to see what made us special last year as well as if we can keep developing players. Mentally our players had to be prepared for that challenge. Visualization, training preparation - everything we could do for them - we did it.”
- Guga Alencar, Joga Bonito Futsal Academy Director of Coaching.

As mentioned, coaches and players exit tournaments with ambitions of future improvement. Previous achievements and disappointments are influential building blocks for competitors dedicated to athletic development. At the 2019 World Futsal Championships, past performances encouraged resilient players to write a new chapter in Orlando. 

“This was my second time playing here. I love it because you learn from other players. After last year, I wanted to come back better. That is why we compete.”
- Arthur Prada, U20 Orange Soccer Academy player.

When the lights shut off and players returned home, memories of the 2019 World Futsal Championships turned into motivation. Whether teams lifted the championship trophy or fell short of their goal, preparation for the 2020 tournament started when they stepped off the court and left the facility. 

Stay tuned for more post-tournament coverage of the 2019 World Futsal Championships.

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