The Hurdles Ahead of Futsal's Growth

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For those invested in the growth of futsal, the current opportunities available to aspiring athletes are far from adequate. Although futsal has experienced a development boom in the last 10 years, many still wonder why it is taking so long to reach a distinguished level of significance. 

In our final post-tournament coverage, United Futsal ® addresses the obstacles that limit the growth of the sport.

Media Accessibility & Elite Tournaments

In 2019, the benefits of futsal and its unbounded potential are heavily acknowledged. Whether an individual views futsal as a distinct industry or a complement to outdoor soccer, the significance of the sport is no longer questioned. 

Despite the significant strides that futsal has taken in the past 10 years, hurdles still exist. A main obstacle that limits progress is the lack of exposure to futsal. Inadequate media accessibility is a particular issue that needs to be resolved due to its ability to educate coaches, parents and players about the benefits and laws of the game.  

“People don’t actually understand what the game is. Futsal needs to be put in the media so people can see and watch how important it is for their kids to play the game. Also, how beneficial it is for kids developing their game. More exposure is needed.”
- Joga Bonito Futsal Academy parent

In order for futsal to grow internationally, tournaments that cultivate a world-class atmosphere are essential. The 2019 World Futsal Championships provided an international platform and professional environment for futsal players to compete, which heightens global interest in the game.  

“At the moment, futsal is a growing sport in New Zealand. We are trying to get kids in the game. Tournaments like this make them closer to loving the game as much as outdoor soccer.”
- Benjamin Lapslie, Red & White Stripes head coach (New Zealand)

Future Futsal Opportunities

In 2019, coaches, parents and players are eager for an international futsal industry. As highlighted by United Futsal ®, the sport is more than a training development tactic for outdoor soccer players.

The FUTSAL MADE ME ™ campaign advocates this message given that countless athletes have been personally shaped by the sport. The delay of a fully independent futsal industry is now met with demand for progress, which was supported at the 2019 World Futsal Championships. 

“We want to see futsal grow because right now it’s still a step to outdoor soccer. We want to change that. As a parent, I want to see futsal become a sport that kids play in college and then turn professionals. Once it turns into an Olympic sport it will grow even more. Right now we have to fight against the fact that futsal is a step for kids to play outdoor soccer. I hope that will change soon.”
- Joga Bonito Futsal Academy parent
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