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Orlando, Florida. -- In United Futsal's second post-tournament coverage of the 2019 World Futsal Championships, the 10 crowned champions are acknowledged for their performances in Orlando, Florida. The hard work and dedication to athletic performance by each winning team has been rewarded with an entry into the history book of the World Futsal Championships.

Provided below is the list of 2019 champions and their top scorers.

2019 Gold Division Champions: 

Pre-Benjamin (11/12): Forms Academy 2011

  • Top Scorers: Sam Onsarigo, 17 goals (6 matches); Hudson Hogsett, 16 goals (6 matches); Emmitt Douglas, 16 goals (6 matches)

Benjamin Coed (09/10): Toque Futsal

  • Top Scorers: Adrian Raygoza, 7 goals (5 matches); Jordyn Eason, 6 goals (5 matches)

Alevin Boys (07/08): TSC Futsal Academy 07B 

  • Top Scorers: Carson Banham, 14 goals (6 matches); Anthony Harper, 8 goals (6 matches).

Alevin Girls (07/08): Joga Bonito Futsal Academy

  • Top Scorers: Kimmi Ascanio, 12 goals (6 matches); Kyrstin Mesa, 8 goals (6 matches)

Infantil Boys (05/06): Georgia Elite Futsal Coalition

  • Top Scorers: Jimmy Vargas, 9 goals (6 matches); Benjamin Ashtar, 9 goals (6 matches); Kiki Gregorie, 9 goals (6 matches)

Cadete Boys (03/04): Alianza JPS FC

  • Top Scorers: Gabriel Batista Ferreira, 14 goals (5 matches); Luiz Felipe de Almeida Reis, 9 goals (5 matches); Kevin Leon de Melo Cardoso, 8 goals (5 matches)

Cadete Girls (03/04): Chica’s Girls (New York)

  • Top Scorers: Jaiden Vera, 4 goals (6 matches); Joanna Perez, 4 goals (6 matches)

U20 Men’s Open: CSE Futsal

  • Top Scorers: Gabriel Felipe Gomes de Britto, 5 goals (6 matches); Carlos Alexandre Miguelão, 4 goals (6 matches)

Men’s Open: EFA Tryzub

  • Top Scorers: Taras Dydych, 7 goals (6 matches); Bohdan Ruchka, 5 goals (6 matches)

Women’s Open: Tampa Bay Futsal Club 

  • Top Scorers: Alexis Vanderlinden, 3 goals (5 matches); Asti Luff, 2 goals (5 matches); Madison Brunson, 2 goals (5 matches)

Celebrating with stars!

Following each championship victory, the newly crowned titleholders celebrated with prominent leaders in the futsal and soccer world. Pablo Vilches, Real Betis Director of Futsal, and Gabriel Lima, Italian National Futsal Team captain, were in attendance at the closing ceremonies. Marcelo Gonçalves Costa Lopes, former Brazilian National Soccer Team defender and 1998 FIFA World Cup call-up, also congratulated winning teams on stage. All three individuals presented medals and trophies to the champions as well as signed futsal balls by Roberto Carlos to top scorers in each division.

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