2020 World Futsal Championships Kick Off in Orlando

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7th Annual World Futsal Championships Commences

The 2020 World Futsal Championships is set to kick off this morning in Orlando, Florida. Over the next four days, the 7th edition of the annual youth futsal tournament will host a total of 72 teams at the Orange County Convention Center.

In our 2020 World Futsal Championships preview, we highlight the competitive and community aspect of the tournament.

Celebration of Futsal in Orlando

The World Futsal Championships is more than a competition that commences and concludes on the courts. The annual youth futsal tournament welcomes community members that celebrate the sport as well as the event's networking opportunity. 

“The WFC is a unique experience for all of us - players, coaches and parents,” said Guga Alencar, Joga Bonito Futsal Academy Director of Coaching. “It is a celebration of what futsal represents. People from all over the country coming together to healthily compete in this beautiful sport. There is a lot of learning. Regardless of winning or losing, we always return home with great experiences.”

Joga Bonito Futsal Academy has attended the World Futsal Championships for the past six years. Alencar’s commitment to the game and community aligns with United Futsal’s goal of organizing world-class futsal tournaments that develop the game beyond borders.

National Spotlight in Orlando

The topic above should not overshadow the raw competitiveness at the World Futsal Championships. For many clubs, the annual youth futsal tournament is an opportunity to declare their presence on the national level. Mo Ruiz, Anthem Futsal Founder, is eager to match up against top clubs in the country. The competition will expose Anthem FC players to elite opponents, which will prepare them for the 2021 calendar year as a Champions Cup Series (CCS) expansion club. 

“This event will have elite competition from around the nation," said Ruiz. "I hope my players will learn that preparation is important and having goals set is key to accomplishment.”

In 2020, Anthem FC is looking to add to its collection of United Futsal silverware. The Northern California club hoisted two titles at the 2016 World Futsal Championships. 

From NTC to World Futsal Championships

The World Futsal Championships follows the inaugural National Training Camp that concluded on Thursday. Several players that attended the two-day training program will also compete over the next few days. For one standout player, NTC served as a tune-up for the tournament.

Jamie Waters (Director of Player Development) & Christian McCauley

“I haven’t played in a long time,” said Christian McCauley, 14-year-old from Tulsa, Oklahoma. “Coming straight into NTC with top players from the entire country immediately puts you back into it and more. I went from rusty to even better than I was before. I already know when I get back on the court I am going to be better than I ever have been. National Training Camp covered everything at once. I know it’s going to help me a lot at the World Futsal Championships.”

McCauley has continued to impress at recent United Futsal events. He attended Top12 in late February and was named Most Valuable Goalkeeper at National Training Camp. He will suit up for Alianza Futbol Academy during the 2020 World Futsal Championships.

United Futsal looks forward to watching talented youth players return to the courts. Stay tuned for event coverage on our social media accounts! View the complete schedules below.

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