2020 Top12 Experience: International Community

Top12 Experience

Top12 Experience Welcomes International Community

Blanes, Spain - In 2020, futsal has grown into a global sport that is played in nearly all regions of the world. Despite the international presence, gaps between futsal communities remain. 

In the latest Top12 coverage, United Futsal highlights the international futsal community at the 2020 event.

At each hosted event, United Futsal strives to develop a global futsal network that surges with vocal advocates of the game. The foundation of futsal is supported by passionate youth futsal players that are eager to develop the sport beyond their immediate communities.

The 2020 Top12 Experience thrived due to such individuals that are committed to evolving the game alongside other international futsal supporters. The players in attendance shared their passion for the sport and the desire to grow it on a global level, which was not overlooked by United Futsal.

During the Top12 Closing Ceremony, United Futsal celebrated standout players that displayed a positive attitude and served as role models on and off the court. The recipients of the Top12 Ambassador Awards were ultimately chosen as individuals that represent the program as well as the game of futsal in a positive manner. 

International Support at Top12 Cup

The electric atmosphere at the Top12 Cup was sparked by international chants echoing through the hallways of the facility. On the final day, players turned into supporters while they watched other teams in the championship matches. 

The United States Infantil 06/07 team ran on the court and celebrated with Brasil. The England Alevin 08/09 team chanted ‘U-S-A’ when the American 08/09 squad edged Brasil, 4-3, in the final. During the Women’s Jr. title match, the English supported Spain and the Australians cheered on the United States from the stands.

"By the end of Top12, everyone was integrated," said Guillermo Lopez (Forms Academy), USA Women's Jr. head coach from Dallas, Texas, USA. "During the championship game, the English supported the Spanish and the Aussies came to support the United States."

International Futsal Community

As stated, the 2020 Top12 Experience brought together youth futsal advocates that are eager to develop the game on an international level. The players in attendance connected with others that share similar passion for futsal, which is not always common to come across. 

"Swapping jerseys was special to me because I like to spread the word about futsal," said Audrey Gibson-Zweifel, women's senior player from Columbus, Ohio, USA. "I really love the sport. I was happy that I could meet someone that loves it just as much as me and wants to spread the game all over the world."

The jersey swap was not the only exchange between the youth futsal players. Gibson-Zweifel was also on the delivering and receiving end of invitations to compete internationally. The invitations brought the network full circle, which initially started with Top12 players meeting through social media. 

"A few players from other countries got a hold of each other through social media," said Becca Gibson-Zweifel, parent of Audrey Gibson-Zweifel. "They planned to meet here. At the end of the event, each got invitations to play with other clubs in different countries. Futsal makes the world so small. I’m sure we will cross paths with the futsal family again."

Stay tuned for the final Top12 recap. United Futsal will provide an in-depth overview of SC Corinthians’ participation during the Top12 Experience.

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