2020 Disney Futsal Tournament

World Futsal Showcase

The BIGGEST Open Futsal Tournament.

Orlando, Florida - United Futsal is extremely grateful for all the teams that have attended our Disney tournaments over the years. Your enthusiasm and hard work have grown the Disney open tournament into an internationally recognized event that we look forward to every summer. 

As we enter the new decade, United Futsal would like to announce and outline the changes for Disney starting in 2020.

United Futsal is committed to organizing quality tournaments for youth futsal players to gain experience in a professional atmosphere. CCS Regional Championships build upon the annual tournaments originally founded by United Futsal, World Futsal Championships and World Futsal Cup, that are known for top-level organization. 

“Having played in so many different tournaments around the country, United Futsal really puts together a world-class event,” said Mauricio, STL Futsal Director of Coaching. “I hope that people listen and understand what world-class means. The detail that United Futsal puts into this whole effort doesn’t compare to anything else I’ve seen in the country.”

As stated, United Futsal crowned eight champions at CCS Central Regionals. Congratulations to the winners that opened the Champions Cup Series (CCS) with a trophy in their arms. Check out the full list below. 

2020 World Futsal Showcase

The World Futsal Showcase will be held at Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports in Orlando, Florida, from Tuesday, July 28, to Friday, July 31. Five countries are already confirmed to compete at the World Futsal Showcase. The international tournament expects to have teams from 10 countries competing at the summer event.  

World Futsal Showcase Pricing: 

  • $900 Early Bird Special until March 1st

Application Deadline:

  • $1000 - After March 1st

Tournament Details: 

  • Tuesday, July 28 - Friday, July 31. 
  • 4 games guaranteed
  • Partial consolation (gold division only)
  • Single age groups (8 teams minimum)
  • No housing accommodation requirement

2020 World Futsal Showcase 

Starting in 2020, United Futsal will host a new Disney tournament that is open to the public. The World Futsal Showcase will now be the international youth futsal tournament open to every club.

To be clear, the World Futsal Showcase shares the same goals, expectations and standards as all United Futsal events. We remain committed to providing the same tournament quality and organization as years in the past. United Futsal's goal is to provide youth futsal teams in the U.S. and abroad with opportunities to compete at the highest level.

The World Futsal Showcase is now an additional and critical part of our mission’s foundation.

2020 World Futsal Championships 

In recent months, United Futsal launched the Champions Cup Series (CCS) as a major addition to the company. The youth tournament series brings American futsal clubs together into the #1 annual program.

Part of this series includes participation in the World Futsal Championships, which will now be a closed-invitation tournament for CCS member clubs only.

The World Futsal Championships will be held July 25-28, 2020.

Rob Andrews, President of United Futsal, added, "STL Futsal has taken tremendous strides in the past year. The club showcased its quality at Disney last year and will surely do so in 2020. We are excited to see how the club matches up against the world's best!"

The club will feature 4 boys and 4 girls futsal teams in bi-annual age divisions for the Champions Cup Series. Each team will compete in 3 official tournaments each year: Regional Championships each Winter and the National Championships and World Futsal Championships each Summer. 

Apply for STL Futsal

Information on how players can apply to join one of the STL Futsal teams is available here.

Open Application

To avoid confusion, please apply to the World Futsal Showcase if you are not a Champions Cup Series™ (CCS) member.  

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