Welcome Woodlands International Soccer Excellence (WISE)

Welcome Woodlands International Soccer Excellence (WISE)

WISE Joins 2021 Champions Cup Series

April 14, 2021, 4:00:00 AM

Houston, Texas - United Futsal is excited to announce Woodlands International Soccer Excellence (WISE) as an expansion club for the 2021 Champions Cup Series (CCS). WISE is a partnership between Barcelona Soccer Excellence and Woodlands Preparatory International School, an international baccalaureate private school in the Woodlands. The WISE partnership joins the youth futsal tournament series eager to raise the standards of the sport. In particular, WISE is optimistic about the future era of futsal following the launch of United Futsal University.

Joey Taylor, BSE Competitive Programs and Futsal Academy Director, officially announced the acceptance today.

Taylor, a local Houston soccer product, laced up his outdoor boots at Wofford College in Spartanburg, South Carolina. He played D1 soccer all four years and had his first encounter with Rob Andrews, United Futsal President, during the mid 2000s. Following Taylor’s collegiate career, he returned to Houston and started his coaching career at Texans Soccer Club. He eventually served as Director of Coaching at Klein Campus. In 2016, Taylor started Infinity Futsal Academy. Since then, he also joined the Barcelona Soccer Excellence staff.

Barcelona Soccer Excellence was founded by Eduardo Losa who also serves as Academy Director. With over 500 players, BSE offers an array of youth futsal and soccer programs that range from five years old to adults. Taylor touted the club’s emphasis on development and not the outdated practice of recruiting.

“Barcelona Soccer Excellence is a club that has taken on the approach of true development as opposed to going out and recruiting players to win games,” said Taylor.

Moving forward, Woodlands International Soccer Excellence will integrate futsal and outdoor soccer into its curriculum. Both sports will be incorporated into weekly training schedules.

“The players will be doing both," said Taylor. "There is no competition between programs. It is a true marriage of the two sports. Futsal is such a great teacher of the game. Our goal for futsal is to help players learn the ideas in a different environment and then to apply them to outdoor. It's not just futsal for us. It's not just a supplement for outdoor. It's something that it is very important for overall player development.”

During United Futsal’s interview with Taylor, he acknowledged the sport’s fast-paced, electric environment. Futsal is a game that injects raw energy into a facility and instills exhilarating passion. By providing United Futsal programs to its youth, WISE hopes to develop the next generation of athletes with infectious futsal backgrounds.

“Futsal provides an environment that kids love," said Taylor. "Woodlands International Soccer Excellence wants futsal to be something they love to do. Something that helps them enjoy the game.”

Quality Playing Opportunities & Education

A topic covered thoroughly in United Futsal content is the lack of quality playing opportunities. In particular, competitions that truly test players and assist with development are hard to come by. Taylor believes United Futsal can sidestep this issue and lead the industry onto a new pathway of success.

“CCS finally provides an organized platform to get in high-level games consistently," said Taylor. "You're able to fill in the calendar with events versus high-level teams.”

Taylor followed this discussion with the importance of United Futsal University, the newly launched coaches pathway at United Futsal. He claimed that the platform will be a key tool shared between those interested in taking their programs to the next level. The ability to collaborate will hopefully shorten the distance between quality youth futsal programs in the Houston region.

“The easiest way to connect the international futsal community is through United Futsal’s events," said Taylor. "Meeting teams from out of state or overseas develops relationships. Futsal is such a tight-knit community; everyone really supports each other.”

Futsal is rounding the corner to reach a conventional standard. The support from all those invested in the game will take the sport to the highest level. To conclude, Taylor claimed that United Futsal can play a pivotal role in doing so given the collaborative nature of the international futsal network.

“As a club, we're very interested in the education platform of CCS," said Taylor. "It will provide our coaches and players with a better understanding of the game. The support from United Futsal will not only develop us but also other clubs in the area. So then we're not having to travel to different areas of the country to find games.”

Andrews added:

“Barcelona Soccer Excellence has a record of developing quality youth athletes. Bringing its talent to the futsal courts is an exciting moment for the American youth futsal industry. The partnership with Woodlands Prep will only further solidify BSE as an innovative club that takes players to the highest level of competition. United Futsal looks forward to seeing how the club matches up against the country’s best.”

Information on how players can join WISE is available here.