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Welcome VB Futsal Academy

Welcome VB Futsal Academy

VB Futsal Academy Becomes New Champions Cup Series Member

September 16, 2021 at 6:00:00 PM

VB Futsal Academy looks to take it to the next level in the United Futsal Champions Cup Series 2021-2022 season.

Virginia Beach, VA - Beach FC has been around for decades and is well established in the Virginia Beach area. Creating VB Futsal Academy gives more opportunities for young players who want more for themselves. Not only are they building futsal as a stand-alone sport in their community, the program will also be used as a development program for soccer, which is a methodology widely practiced by successful clubs around the globe. Offering the players in this area a new sport and a new venture to take advantage of will only help continue to build this foundation.

Mark Waite, Director of Soccer and Futsal, quickly realized the importance of starting a futsal program at Beach FC. He saw how helpful small sided games were to not only his own career, but also to the kids he ended up coaching. Thus, VB Futsal was born. “There are less players on the court, so you automatically get more touches. It is as simple as that. We teach kids 1v1 moves, but they ultimately have to apply them, which is lacking in the outdoor game. Futsal helps players understand when to do 1v1 moves and when not to. Futsal plays a big part in getting them to be creative. There are tighter spaces, so you are forced to do these moves, leading the kids to start to figure out how to use them.” 

Waite brings up outdoor soccer and how it is all about the time you have and the space you have, but in futsal, there is so little time and space. The goal is to help players speed of play by teaching them to think five steps ahead and remain calm on the ball. “Futsal is extremely quick, so we need to teach them to be composed, which is a difficult skill. There are a million things going on in your head during the game, but you have to be able to be calm.”

Soccer may scratch the itch in the fall and the spring, but the talented players in the Virginia Beach area want more of the game. They are invested in the game of soccer, so providing them with year round access to futsal will supply the opportunity for constant improvement. Waite talks about his passion for the game, adding, “I grew up with the game and wanted to stay in it. Staying in it is a privilege. I want to give back to the youth who have the same feelings about the sport as I do. It is very satisfying giving these kids the opportunity to play these sports and allow different communities with so much diversity another option to fall in love with the game.”

Waite felt like he owed it to the kids who showed the desire to improve on a consistent basis, so it was decided that joining the Champions Cup Series would ultimately be the best option. After attending a United Futsal event, Waite commented that it was an eye opening experience in which he refused to miss out on. Rob Andrews, President of United Futsal, weighs in on the new CCS Member, stating, “Boasting the country’s first official futsal facility inside a major soccer club’s headquarters, our staff was blown away by the groundwork that has been laid by Steve, Mark and the rest of the team. In a very short time, Beach FC will be a national power in futsal and we’re grateful they’ve chosen the Champions Cup Series pathway as the vessel to help get them there.”

Full details on the Champions Cup Series™ competition calendar, program details and information for clubs wishing to apply for membership are now available at


VB Futsal Academy selects the top local futsal players to train together with licensed futsal coaches with the ultimate aim of competing against other futsal clubs, striving for maximum playing time with maximum touches. VB Futsal Academy looks forward to growing into the premier futsal club in the Hampton Roads area. More information on how to get involved with the CCS™ club can be found at


UNITED FUTSAL is the industry leader in providing the highest level tournaments and events for youth and amateur futsal players in the world. Since 2010, over 100,000 athletes, coaches, fans and referees representing 25 countries have participated in its World Futsal Cup, World Futsal Championships and FUTURES™ programs and precursory events. For more information visit

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