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Welcome BraSA Chicago

Welcome BraSA Chicago

BraSA Chicago Joins Champions Cup Series Central Conference

November 9, 2021 at 6:00:00 PM

BraSA Chicago is preparing to show up during the 2021-2022 Champions Cup Series.

CHICAGO, IL - Owner and president of BraSA, Hewerton Moreira, is a firm believer in futsal and using Brazilian training methods to develop youth soccer players. At BraSA, they are using futsal to give outdoor soccer players the best tools, development pathway, as well as speed and agility to improve their pace of play and footskills. “Futsal is the base of soccer,” says Moreira. It is clear that BraSA has a true passion for futsal and is invested in the game we love.

Moreira has an extensive background in playing as well as coaching. His experience, competitiveness, and motivation has shaped him into the person he is today. Being from Brazil himself, he saw how useful futsal was to the development of young soccer players. “If a player participates in outdoor soccer in the fall, and then futsal in the winter, you see how much their ball handling and ball control has improved by spring,” Moreira mentions. “As a coach, you see players think quicker, solve problems quicker, and witness them become more dynamic. Futsal provides the best cognitive work for outdoor use because of the smaller space, the quicker pace of the game, and the fact that the ball is mostly on the ground. You start to notice players become more confident and comfortable with pressure and their ability to solve problems at a faster speed.”

In his youth, all Moreira wanted to be was a soccer player. He was able to analyze the game at a high level and his passion for studying the game has led him to become a successful coach. He has a passion for using his specialty and skills to help the players. “It gives me joy to see a young player come to the futsal court and smile when they leave. I want to bring the joy of futsal to the community while still including the development part of it,” Moreira adds. He is dedicated to developing the youth in the best way possible. “My passion is to teach the sport, to share my experiences and background with this new generation. There is always a diversity of personalities, so you have to learn to deliver messages in a way they can understand. They crave discipline, they need it, but you need to make sure you do it in the right way. I just want to develop the same structure and passion in them and be able to give them the tools to do whatever they want in life.”

Joining the Champions Cup Series allows BraSA to expose their players to a different level of competition. “United Futsal is the most organized program, and we want to be affiliated with success,” Moreira states. They want to challenge teams from all over to enhance their own program. “Sometimes you play opponents that give you a reality check, and we want to challenge our players to see for themselves what real organization looks like. It is how you learn and grow.” President of United Futsal, Rob Andrews, weighs in on BraSA joining CCS. “It’s an honor to have someone of Hewerton’s background and experience joining the Champions Cup Series. Chicago’s top futsal players are in good hands and we look forward to seeing them compete against the world’s best.”

Full details on the Champions Cup Series™ competition calendar, program details and information for clubs wishing to apply for membership are now available at


BRASA CHICAGO offers private sessions and group training where players will get thousands of touches on the ball. BraSA is also partnering with Chicago Street Futsal in order to entirely give the youth in the area the opportunity to play and advance their skills. More information on how to get involved with the CCS™ club can be found by contacting


UNITED FUTSAL is the industry leader in providing the highest level tournaments and events for youth and amateur futsal players in the world. Since 2010, over 100,000 athletes, coaches, fans and referees representing 25 countries have participated in its World Futsal Cup, World Futsal Championships and FUTURES™ programs and precursory events. For more information visit

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