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Welcome Ballers Elite NJ

Welcome Ballers Elite NJ

Ballers Elite NJ Joins 2021 Champions Cup Series

April 14, 2021 at 4:00:00 AM

New Jersey - United Futsal is excited to announce Ballers Elite New Jersey as the latest addition to the 2021 Champions Cup Series (CCS). The club will partner with Alianza Futsal (New York) to fill the girls divisions of the CCS Eastern Conference. Ballers Elite has long-awaited working with United Futsal, which now comes ahead of a busy summer schedule that returns youth players to the courts.

Fabian Vega, Ballers Elite New Jersey Founder, officially announced the acceptance today.

“We are excited for this partnership and opportunity to play in CCS because it gives our players and club the ability to play against the best competition in America,” said Vega. “This partnership gives our players and coaches growth and development opportunities that they could not receive elsewhere. Competition makes you better and encourages that inner drive to improve.”

For over 35 years, Vega has been around the game as a player and coach. The Peruvian native immigrated to Fairfax, Virginia, at the age of four. He played professionally for first division teams in Peru and for professional teams in the United States. In 2018 , Vega started Ballers Elite. Today, the youth futsal and soccer club has locations in Arizona and New Jersey.

Over the years, Vega has connected with Rob Andrews, United Futsal President, and discussed the possibility of working side by side. With the Alianza partnership, Vega is eager for the future alongside a renowned club in American youth futsal.

“To be partners with Alianza, a club with a high roof of success on the boys side, is unbelievable,” said Vega. “It’s going to be great for youth futsal”.

Vega and the Alianza Futsal staff have been in contact for many years as both have grown to successful clubs in the Northeast. Vega and Alianza Futsal President Sheila Quispe also bond over their home country of Peru.

Vega continued with praise of Alianza’s quality as well as the club’s family-oriented culture. He specifically commented on the club’s unity, which he considers uncommon today.

“Alianza always has talented, skillful groups,” said Vega. “But the club also has a great family atmosphere, which is very crucial to us as well because we want our brand to be known as a family entity. Alianza’s culture starts from the top and it trickles down. You can see it every time they step on the court and every time they're off. Their kids are so respectful. They're respectful and always together. In today's time, it's hard to see that.”

Quispe also acknowledged the value and synergy of this partnership. She is excited to work with Vega and Ballers Elite to provide quality futsal opportunities in the United States.

“We are both trying to share this beautiful sport with others,” said Quispe. “Aliana was very similar to how he started Ballers Elite with it being family oriented. We agreed that futsal can be a great way to improve soccer in the USA. It all starts with people in love with the sport like our families.”

Return to Match Play

Despite the playing restriction setback during COVID, Ballers Elite is returning to growth—particularly on the girls side.

Over the last year, Vega acknowledged that his Arizona and New Jersey coaching staff tried to emphasize the need for kids to enjoy the game. Ballers Elite’s goal is for kids to not stay home, like how his generation grew up always exercising and outside. Vega continued with the need to face challenges head on. Although the pandemic stalled many goals and aspirations, Vega supports learning from mistakes. In particular, he hopes youth futsal athletes will be motivated to return back stronger than ever this summer.

As stated during the introduction, Ballers Elite is returning to full stride with a busy summer schedule ahead. Ballers Elite Arizona will attend the CCS West Regional Championships in Las Vegas this spring. During summer, the New Jersey club will travel to Orlando for CCS Nationals and the World Futsal Championships.

Andrews added the following:

“Ballers Elite brings the very best girls team to every competition. At all levels. We look forward to this partnership with Alianza Futsal. I believe the two clubs will complement each other extremely well. Together, they will bring the best talent from the New York and Jersey region to compete at the highest level of futsal.”

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