Second Level on the United Futsal Coaches Pathway

  • ‍Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino

  • June 3, 2021

  • Starts 8 am - Ends 8 pm

  • 10 hours course


June 03

The Regional Diploma is the second Level on the United Futsal Coaches Pathway. Our pathway aims to provide coaches with a comprehensive curriculum, dividing contents in five level courses. Our courses will be able to help both a beginner and an expert coach.

In addition to the Coaches Pathway, the United Futsal University also offers community Nano Courses and specialists Masterclass. Go to to learn more.

The Regional Diploma was developed to complement the Foundation Diploma. It aims to provide coaches with 100% on-court sessions, helping them to build a solid foundation for the next levels. Coaches will be able to learn more about the following topics: The Futsal game and its training; The technique and its training; The tactics and its training; Introduction to Offensive Systems; Introduction to Defensive Systems.

Regional Diploma