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CCS Affiliate Team Program


What is the CCS Affiliate Program?

The CCS Team Affiliation Program provides an opportunity for futsal teams that want to participate in the Champions Cup Series but cannot fulfill the requirements to become a full club member. Accepted teams will be partnered with one of our current  CCS Club members allowing the affiliate team to fill their space. 


​Affiliate teams must complete the following requirements:

  • Participate in all three CCS events each year (1 Winter, 2 Summer).

  • Purchase CCS Player Memberships for all rostered players each year.

  • Make payments on time and follow all program deadlines.

How does the Affiliate Team Program work?

Get involved. 

With futsal still being a growing sport, not all CCS Clubs have all 8 available teams for all events in our competition pathway each year. United Futsal is offering competitive futsal teams who are not already members of the Champions Cup Series the opportunity to fill in for clubs who are missing a team in that same age group.

Common Questions.

Do affiliate teams still wear their own brand? Yes, you do not have to wear the jerseys of the club you are partnered with.

If an affiliate team wins Nationals do they win the trip to World Futsal Cup? Yes, Affiliate teams receive the same benefits as CCS member clubs' teams.

Is there a minimum number of teams that I have to register? No

Do coaches still receive the free educational pathway from United Futsal University? Yes, each team will receive one license for a coach to participate in all courses in the educational pathway for the year. 

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